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"I am passionate about serving my community. I believe that my level of experience enable me to serve in an insightful and productive manner. My focus is on the needs of my constituents and the protection of the integrity of our rural community. I know I will make thoughtful decisions that will best represent my constituents. "

  • Ensuring Reasonable Rates while Replacing Aging Infrastructure: "A public utility district’s first and only purpose is to provide efficient, reliable service to their local customers at the lowest possible cost."- Skagit PUD
    In 2020 the PUD approved a rate plan that increased utility rates by 5% each year for 5 years. All utilities are working to address the issue of aging and leaking infrastructure. It is the responsibility of the PUD to ensure long term planning is in place to address infrastructure replacement while ensuring reasonable rates. It is important now more than ever to have a commissioner that fights for lean budgets and long term solutions. 

  • Meet Community Water Needs by Forming Partnerships: Water is a somewhat limited resource, yet is needed by all. It is needed by the fish to provide quality habitat, by the farmer to water their crops and by residents for drinking. I believe it is important to recognize all water user needs when making decisions, but will work to ensure data driven decisions are made in order to protect rural integrity of our beautiful county.

  • Providing Quality Water: Historically the Skagit PUD produces award winning water. I am dedicated to ensuring these high standards are upheld at the PUD.

  • To identify the needs and concerns of my constituents.

  • To provide collaborative solutions for our irrigators and help ensure the community and environmental integrity are both maintained and enhanced through the decisions made by the commission.

  • To prioritize critical infrastructure to ensure the highest quality drinking water and service is provided.

  • To encourage a lean budget, think long term and protect the rate payers pocketbook.

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